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Jun 26,  · Flywheel – Starter Grinding Noise. I have an 81 GMC Jimmy with a 350 auto transmission. I purchased it and about two weeks after I bought it the starter gave out. During removal of starter noticed flyweel had some damage to the the teeth. It appeared to be minimal so I didn’t replace it. Replaced the starter and shimmed it.

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Ring ge flywheel; Battery; Starter; The initial grinding due to the distributor caused an entire waterfall effect of issues. The grinding chipped some teeth off the flywheel. Fixing the distributor fixed the primary issue but I was now left with secondary issues: The teeth were really bad on the flywheel so I pulled the engine and replaced

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Aug 30,  · GM flywheel, ring-gear The Bendix ge the left has a worn out shaft bushing. The flywheel on the right has 35% of its ring gear teeth damaged from miss-alignment of the gears during starter engagement. A metallic clash / crunch noise or grinding sound may be noticed when starting an engine with parts worn like the parts in the images.

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Tighten the mounting bolts and other connecting wires. If the mounting bolt is loose, the starter drive will not engage the flywheel properly. It will make a grinding noise when you try to fire up your engine. What this means is that the pinion ge the starter is clashing with the ring ge the flywheel.

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Jul 02, · 2004 Ford Taurus: a grinding noise..starter..flywheel..without taking I have a 2004 Ford Taurus that occassionally makes a grinding noise when first starting the car. I was thinking it may be something wrong with the starter or possibly the flywheel.

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Jul 16, · From memory, the starter motor spigots onto the bell housing and so is well located radially and the single bolt only has to stop the starter motor from backing out of the housing or from rotating. As long as the starter is seated into the bell housing, alignment should default to the correct position.

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the sound you hear is the starter grinding against broken teeth on the flywheel, for that to be repaired the flywheel on the vehicle will need to be replaced. MIKESTA May 11, | 1985 Ford Bronco II

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When you hear the grinding does the Bendix(starter gear) engage the flywheel? On my 70' 115 I replaced the starter. I suppose I could of had it rebuilt but I found a good deal on a replacement on and my personal preference is to go new on that old of an OEM starter.

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If it is problem with bad flywheel teeth, sometimes you can rotate the flywheel to get the bad spot away from starter, then it will crank normally. Of course that doesn't fix the problem. Check the starter drive gear, is it badly worn? Some makes and models, you can use shims at the starter to get starter and flywheel teeth, to mesh properly.

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Dec 21, · If the teeth don’t look like this, then unfortunately the transmission must be removed and the flywheel or ring gear flex plate must be replaced. However, if the ring gear doesn’t show any abnormal wear, then the problem lies with the starter and it will have to be replaced. 7) Test the starter by mounting it in a large vise.

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If my starter is spinning but not engaging flywheel, what

Starter spins but doesn't engage. Grinding sound: you hear it spinning like normally it should, but it comes with a grinding sound like sprockets not engaging correctly: worn out bendix ("sprocket" that engages the flywheel), and/or the flywheel (replace). In refurbished starters, it could happen that the engaging mechanism is not correctly adjusted/mounted making the bendix spin too early or too late while trying

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For poops and giggles, for a test use some washers to space the starter out. Use 1 washer on each bolt and see what happens. I know if you accidaccidentally installed a 157 tooth starter on 164 tooth flywheel it will grind because the drive on the starter is longer on the 157 by about 3/8".

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Nov 07,  · Re: Grinding noise when starting 3.0 mercruiser When the starter was replaced, was the solenoid replaced as well. It sounds like the yoke is not moving the bendix fully outward so it can engage the flywheel.

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If the first starter made a grinding noise, that grinding of gears may have damaged the flywheel teeth (which mate with the starter gear teeth), which in turn will make the second starter make a grinding noise. I’m not sure if this is the same thing as the “flexplate” concern mentioned above.

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Jun 29, · Grinding Noise While Starting the Engine. If the teeth on the starter pinion gear are damaged, or the starter fails to retract soon enough once the engine is running, you’ll hear a grinding noise while starting the engine. The problem can also result from damaged teeth on the flywheel (or flexplate) that mesh with the starter gear.

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cj7 starter issues - posted in Tech Talk: Have been having issues with the starter grinding, not starting, on the jeep lately and recently ended up putting a new Napa starter on which seemed to fix the problem. Went out the other day and tried firing up the jeep but the new starter started making the same noise. Now the starter is not grinding, all it is doing is spinning without engaging the

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A grinding starter is either incorrect shim adjustment,Loose housing bolts,bad Bendix ge starter or cracked nose. Rotate your flywheel 360 degrees by hand,Put a mark on the flywheel where you start and rotate it slowly examining each tooth,check for spots that are wore down,feel each to see if there is wore spot or sharp edge.

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Be aware of any starter spin that bogs, then picks up again, and bogs again in a rhythmic sequence. Such characteristics denote a warped flexplate, provided the starter functions properly and can be ruled out. Step 2. Listen for any rhythmic clunking or grinding noise while the engine idles in park or neutral, or idling in gear with a foot on

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Starter/Flywheel Grinding, Car Wont Start, HELP!!! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. 5. 5.0 Mustang Man · Registered. Joined Jan 12, 2003 · 447 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 18, 2003. About 2 weeks ago I removed my T5 from my car and installed a new one.

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Well, installed the new flywheel plus 2 shims but still not right. 2 problem i can see: The flywheel and starter teeth are right for each other, but sometimes the starter gear doesn't go inbetween the flywheel teeth. It gets caught on an edge of the teeth. I already have it shimed out like a half inch on my 3rd attempt.

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Apr 19,  · Starters should be listed either by flywheel diameter or tooth count, not transmission type. A manual 157 tooth flywheel will have the ring gear stepped back about 3/8" while a manual 164 tooth the ring gear will be flush with the back side. Usually putting a 157 tooth starter

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If so make sure you didnt bend the plate in when you installed the starter causing it to rub the flywheel or check for a rub plate. If you dont have the block plate installed you will need to install it so you can algin the starter. Make sure all torque converter to flywheel bolts are tight.

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Dec 25, · Studied the trans to block bolts, motor mounts, opened flywheel inspection plate as much as possible (transfer case gets in way), took good look at old starter to look for metal fragments and teeth wear. Nothing yet jumps out as obvious, but the flywheel teeth I can see do show the kind of early shiny wear associated with grinding.

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Jan 11,  · Since you mentioned that there was a new starter installed in your car, it is unlikely that it is the cause of the grinding noise you are hearing. Since you mentioned that you changed your starter and the flywheel may be suspect, next you may want to go ahead and climb back under the truck and remove the access panel under the bell housing of the transmission.

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The way to destroy this gear is to continue to let it intermittently grind when a starter is failing. They have to be repaired / replaced ASAP. A screwed up flywheel can also cause starter problems. The car possibly needs another starter and may or may not need a flywheel, but it likely does by now.

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