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Full Speech of President Koroma of Sierra Leone on: “Trends in International Security”,at the World Peace Forum, June ,in China. Sierra Leone must drop charges against editors-(Amnesty International) Sierra Leone Stock Exchange: A one-stock shop. In Sierra Leone,Manley Spaine elected as Deputy Speaker

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G. GEKO Sierra Leone Main Motor Road Congo Cross Freetown Sierra Leone Phone: (022) 230232 . German Agency for Technical Cooperation 33 Frazer Street Murray Town Freetown Sierra Leone Phone: (022) 234792 / (022) 235781 . German Leprosy Relief Association 29 Soldier Street Freetown Sierra Leone Phone: (022) 229476 / (022) 226827 . GOAL Sierra Leone 51 Liverpool Street Freetown Sierra Leone

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Dec 18,  · In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Sierra Leone’s civil war helped introduce the term “blood diamond” to the world, tarnishing the global trade by linking jewels to illegal arms deals and

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By Foday Moriba Conteh On January 29, , the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone co-hosted a symposium on China-Sierra Leone Friendship: Past, Present and Future Read more Current Affairs

Sand-mining threatens homes and livelihoods in Sierra Leone

Round-the-clock sand-mining on beaches within a few kilometres of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown is having a devastating effect on the coastline, destroying property, and damaging the area's hopes of a tourism revival. Kolleh Bangura, the director of Sierra Leone's Environmental Protection Agency

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Dear Friends, I am pleased to welcome you to the updated Website of the Ministry of Mines & Mineral Resources in Sierra Leone, designed to inform stakeholders about the mining and minerals sector in the country.. You will now see a much broader range of information on the Site, more attractively presented and more user friendly.

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mining and the economy of sierra leone September Conference: 4th West & Central Africa Mining Summit, 26th - 27th September , Accra International Conference Centre, Accra, Ghana.

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Philo from Sierra Leone. Philo is a miner from Sierra Leone who has worked in Kono, the northern district of the country, for many years. As a result of the heavy conflict that plagued his land, Philo was forced to flee to Guinea, where he lived as a refugee until the war calmed down. In the year 2000, he returned to his homeland and a year

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Sep 08,  · On 16 June , SL Mining made its first shipment of 55,000 tons of high-grade iron ore. 14 The Minister of Mines and Minerals of Sierra Leone, Hon. Rado Yokie, was quoted in the Sierra Leone Telegraph as saying as follows: Today is a historic day.

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The company occupies an important role in Sierra Leone’s national economy and the local economies of Bonthe and Moyamba in particular. Following Iluka’s acquisition of Sierra Rutile in December , Iluka group-level sustainability frameworks have been implemented with a focus on safety, environmental management and anti‑bribery and


The occult eco-nomy of diamond mining in sierra leone. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 09 April 2014. Although this article aims to analyse the occult imaginary of diamond miners, it takes a different stand from the occult economies approach.

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Nov 07, · Christian Aid estimates that Sierra Leone will lose US$131m from 2014-16 alone due to corporate income tax incentives granted to five mining companies – an average of $44m a year. Nearly all of these losses are, according to Christian Aid, the result of agreements with two British mining companies: African Minerals and London Mining.

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Rimco Mining has seven licences to carry out exploratory work for iron ore and gold, and other minerals. Its mines administrator – Egigba Moses, said they are obeying all the rules as stated in their licences, including employing Sierra Leonean geologists, and other skilled staff, as well as providing scholarships.


THE GROWING INLFUENCE OF CHINA IN SIERRA LEONE By MC Bah- Atlanta, GA-USA. Since July 29, 1971 when President Siaka Stevens signed diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), so much water has flown under the bridge of that formal relationship.

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Jul 29,  · Overview. Sierra Leone is well known for its vast endowment in minerals which include diamonds, rutile, bauxite, gold, iron ore, limonite, platinum, chromite, coltan, tantalite, columbite and zircon, as well as promising petroleum potential.In the 1990s, the 11-year civil war funded with revenue from the minerals sector engulfed the country, resulting in widespread killing, the destruction of

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The rapid expansion of Sierra Leone has created a huge demand for sand for construction, which is destroying the country's beautiful beaches, as these photos by Tommy Trenchard show.

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Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone - Plant and animal life: The distribution of plants and animals has been influenced by such factors as relief and soil types and, perhaps more important, by farming methods and civil strife. Remnants of the extensive original forest cover survive in the Gola Forest Reserves, in the southeastern hill country near the Liberian border. Secondary forest is now dominant

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Rimco Mining. Cason Travels Limited. A-Z Transport. Afro Asia Automobile & Plastics. International Cement Company. Mannyon Specialist Hospitals. Sierra Leone. 00-200-321-4568. [email protected] Feedback Form. CONTACT INFO. Visit us at our Daudu Office in Benue State. Rimco Minning, Along Daudu - Gbajimba Road, Off Makurdi Lafia

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Sierra Leone is located in Western Africa between Guinea and Liberia. The total area of the country is 71,740 km2 with a population of 5,485,998 as of July 2012. Its climate is mostly tropical.

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Sierra Leone - Mining - Imports. Industry.

Sierra Leone: Communities affected by diamond mining win

Sierra Leone: Judgment recognises the right of diamond mining affected communities to sue Octéa Group companies jointly in local courts Date: 26 Mar Content Type: Article; Sierra Leone: BSG Resources diamond mine faces lawsuit over alleged human rights abuses incl. water pollution & crop destruction Date: 25 Mar Content Type: Article

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Nov 26, · Sierra Leone Mining Jobs Recruitment Diamonds Gold Titanium . Sierra Leone Mining Jobs – Resources – diamonds, titanium ore, Pacific Rim Senior Exploration Project Geologist (Copper) – Canada Mine Operations Contracts,


THE GROWING INLFUENCE OF CHINA IN SIERRA LEONE By MC Bah- Atlanta, GA-USA. Since July 29, 1971 when President Siaka Stevens signed diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), so much water has flown under the bridge of that formal relationship.

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Presently RIMCO has 34 concessions located throughout Nigeria. High quality barite mining has taken place in Cross River State; Prospecting for barite, lead, zinc, gold and industrial minerals spans the entire country. Further afield in West Africa, primarily in Sierra Leone, RIMCO is conducting aerial and stream sediment surveys to prospect for gold, diamonds and other heavy minerals.

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Bauxite Mining Company at Sierra Mineral Holdings I Ltd. Sierra Leone 211 connections. Join to Connect Sierra Mineral Holdings I Ltd. Company Website. Report this profile Activity SMHL-Vimetco Launches Multi-Million Dollar Project in Sierra Leone. Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited (Vimetco), a bauxite mining

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